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CEMENTICS zonal isolation software creates realistic simulations to achieve better cementing design and evaluation in challenging environments. Using both established and newly developed models, CEMENTICS software simulates hydraulic and temperature changes in complex configurations, including deepwater, highly deviated, and horizontal wells ...

Jose Escalante

UAE Cementing PSD Manager at Schlumberger Perth, WA. Bassem Embaby. Bassem Embaby Sales Manager Egypt & East Mediterranean - Schlumberger ... Cementing Software Product Analyst at Schlumberger.

CemCADE Cementing Design and Evaluation Software ...

CemCADE cementing design and evaluation software aids in designing and optimizing various cementing job parameters. This integrated software is applicable for all primary land or offshore cementing operations, from large-diameter surface casing to the deepest liners.

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Schlumberger and IBM Announce Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Data Management Solution for Energy Sector. Schlumberger Announces Enterprise-Scale Deployment of Advanced Digital Solutions for PETRONAS, Enabled by the DELFI Environment. Schlumberger and MySep Announce Collaboration to Integrate Process Simulation Technology with Separation Expertise.


2018-11-1 · Cementing High Level Cementing jobs can be categorized as one of three types. There is a Primary Cement Job where a cement sheath is placed around a casing or liner string. Some of the reasons for doing this could include zonal isolation to prevent migration of fluids in the annulus, support for the casing or liner string, or protection of the casing string from corrosive formation fluids.

Drillbench Dynamic Drilling Simulation Software

2021-9-15 · Drillbench software provides a user-friendly tool that targets all drilling engineers involved in challenging wells. The software is built around the well-control workflow, covering pressure control, well control, and blowout control. Recent …

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2021-9-16 · Cementing solutions from Baker Hughes are designed to ensure effective zonal isolation for the life of your well. Working with us, you''ll gain access to technologies, analysis and design services, and expert application assistance that deliver serious performance and profitability benefits. Optimize every cement job.

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CemCADE (Cementing Computer Aided Design and Evaluation) is a Schlumberger software program aimed at optimizing the design of cementing job operations based on a given set of well conditions. The well parameters include tubular diameters, hole geometry and trajectory, mud properties and lithology, and pore and fracturing pressures.

Cementing Model Domain Introduction

2018-11-1 · Cementing Model Domain Introduction . Contents . Domain Introduction. References


2021-4-22 · CEMVIEW is a cementing engineering toolbox that calculates the volumes, materials, and costs through visual or animated schematics with cementing positions. ... Having a standardized software application provides consistency and confidence in results and helps reduce unnecessary errors that could jeopardize cementing …

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Schlumberger. févr. 2006 - mars 20137 ans 2 mois. Clamart - France. I manage a team of several engineers who work on the modeling and monitoring of cement slurry placement operations during the drilling of O&G wells as well as cement sheath integrity once the slurry has set. The goal is to ensure that well integrity is maintained throughout ...


2018-11-1 · Cementing Model. Introduction… Description; References; Class Diagrams… 01 High Level ; 02 Cement Job Composition ; 03 Cement Job Evaluation ; 04 Cement Slurry High Level ; 05 Cement Slurry Formulation ; Class List Definitions; Class Usage Rules

Cementing Software, Application Management Software ...

Cementing Software improves well security by reducing risks during the cementing job. The application optimizes pipe standoff and helps to calculate an optimum displacement of mud and preflushes (mud removal and cement placement) to reduce the risks of channeling and microannulus (zonal isolation).


Production. Ensure your production targets are met safely while minimizing costs by effectively managing flow rates, recovery, and efficiency using our expert suite of oil and gas production software. With efficient data capture, surveillance, analysis, flow assurance and optimization tools you can streamline the operation and management of ...

Cementing: Taking in lessons learned

2013-3-18 · For deepwater, the DeepCRETE deepwater cementing solution isolates the formation and develops compressive strength faster than Portland cement. When combined with Schlumberger''s gas migration technology, the solution provides shallow flow control. The DeepCEM deepwater cementing solution can perform in environments as low as 32°F.

Techlog Wellbore Integrity

2021-9-10 · Evaluating the effectiveness of every cementing operation is an essential task during construction and then throughout the subsequent producing life of a well. The Techlog wellbore software platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for establishing the probability of isolation by assessing cement coverage and quality.

Seabed Cementing Submodel Introduction

2018-11-1 · Cementing is a set of activities to prepare and pump cement into place in a wellbore, and to evaluate the result for quality and integrity. Cementing operations may be undertaken to seal the annulus after a casing string has been run, to seal a lost circulation zone, to set a plug in an existing well from which to push off with directional ...

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CemCADE. Cementing design and evaluation software. Ensure well security at all times during cementing jobs. Invizion. Well integrity services. Increase zonal isolation assurance in your well. CEMENTICS. Zonal isolation software. Simulate hydraulic and temperature changes in …

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Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) brings open, innovative software solutions and services that unlock the potential of its clients'' asset teams. This value is further enhanced through the integration of best-of-breed, market-leading exploration and production (E&P) subsurface software and information management solutions with Esri GIS ...

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2021-9-11 · Cementing Software | Schlumberger Cement supports and protects well casings and helps achieve zonal isolation. Critical to safer, environmentally sound, and profitable wells, zonal isolation is created and maintained in the wellbore by the cementing …


2021-4-22 · CEMVIEW is a cementing engineering toolbox that calculates the volumes, materials, and costs through visual or animated schematics with cementing positions. ... Having a standardized software application provides consistency and confidence in …

Halliburton Red Book Pdf Cementing Tables download ...

2020-10-1 · For decades, the industry has relied on the halliburton Red Book PDF reference because the industry standard. Currently, monthly, a mean of 1,000 copies of the halliburton Red Book reference are distributed globally, additionally to 1,000 downloads of halliburton cementing tables software, a …

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2021-4-23 · use advanced software and extensive regional expertise. Schlumberger cementing engineers are equipped with the industry''s most advanced technologies for detecting gas migration risks and avoiding potential threats to zonal isolation. Optimize exeCutiOn and COSt CemCADE* software enables you to plan, simulate, and optimize operations,

Ana Serrentino

Ana Serrentino Electrical engineer/Cementing Software and Hardware Project Lead at Schlumberger Sugar Land, Texas, United States 17 connections

Cementing Software

2021-9-19 · CEMENTING SOFTWARE. Optimize cement designs with predictive modeling. Halliburton provides the ability to assess and monitor critical variables before, during, and after a cement job to ensure integrity and zonal isolation. Talk to an expert.


The cementing system manager may be made autonomous through acquisition of cementing parameters through sensor devices, control of various processes through actuators and powertrain, and/or automation software which implements procedures that are able to execute a cementing job from a set of original instructions provided through a job schedule ...

CemSTRESS Cement Sheath Stress Analysis Software ...

CemSTRESS cement sheath stress analysis software is the key to understanding stresses in the cement sheath. It can model up to 10 strings simultaneously, analyzing …

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Field Engineer. Schlumberger. Jul 2000 - Aug 20044 years 2 months. East Venezuela. • Design, Execution and Evaluation of primary and remedial cementing jobs. • Cementing …


2. Proficient in cementing design software such as CemCADE, GMA, CemSTRESS etc. to optimize cementing design, analyze gas migration risk and predict cement integrity after pressure or temperature changes etc. 3. Familiar with field equipment, can 4.

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2021-4-22 · Cementing is the process of displacing drilling fluids with cement. Among the many challenges cementing companies face are mud channeling, poor casing standoff, loss of circulation, unmanaged high temperature, etc. Since 2000, Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI) has been involved in research and development of cementing software.


The DrillOps solution adopts a goal-based automation methodology, using powerful data analysis and learning systems to assist and optimize every task, from setting ROP to drilling a stand. Users choose from a preset menu of automatable drilling tasks, and using data analysis and models, share a plan to achieve the specified goal, taking any ...

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Deepwater Cementing Technologies. Ensure zonal isolation and casing integrity. Understand deepwater technical challenges and design cementing solutions that meet deepwater specifications. CemCRETE. Concrete-based oilwell cementing technology. Develop high-quality cementing solutions for each type of well environment.


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